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Worship is central to the life of every Christian disciple.  At First United Methodist Church , we strive to make worship a dynamic and  meaningful experience.  The United Methodist Church has recently culminated a 25 year process of re-evaluating our worship services.  The result is offered to the whole denomination in the 1989 United Methodist Hymnal and the 1992 Book of Worship.

We understand worship to be the arena in which we encounter the Living God.  We come together to offer our praise and our prayers to God.  We receive the Word through scripture and through preaching.  We respond to that proclamation with our prayers and our dedication of self and resources.  Then we go into the world to serve as Christ's disciples.

We come to be affirmed in our faith, comforted in our love for God, and rejuvenated by God's grace.  But we also come to be confronted by our shortcomings, challenged to deeper discipleship, and called to commitment as those who serve.  This is all part of our worship life.

Special Worship Services


The Sacrament of Baptism must be planned well in advance of the event.  The date must be set in consultation with the pastor.   He will consult and counsel with parents of children to be baptized or adults who seek this sacrament.  Please plan for several meetings with the pastor.

Holy Communion

The Sacrament of Holy Communion or the Lord's Supper is celebrated on the first Sunday of every month as well as on special days of the year such as Christmas Eve, Epiphany, Easter, and Pentecost. 

Holy Communion or the Lord's Supper in the United Methodist Church is open to all baptized Christians.  Even those who are not baptized are welcome to come, but if they wish to continue to participate, they are asked to contact the pastor to begin serious consideration of Holy Baptism.

Parents are welcome to bring baptized children forward to receive the elements of Holy communion.  They have a special place at our table.

Christian Marriage

Marriage in the First United Methodist Church is of one kind: Christian Marriage.  We believe that marriage is a gift from God to be cherished.  We take preparation and support of marriage seriously, and ask that those who come to the church to be married also take it seriously.

Many months of advance notice is necessary as a significant program of pre-marriage ministry is offered.

Funeral Services

Naturally, the church offers it's services in times of death.  Services are welcome at the church.  The United Methodist Women or our Special Service Team will prepare and serve a dinner to follow the service.

The Worship Ministry Team assists in the planning of services and works to meet the goals of worship.

Lay Participation in Worship Leadership

The people of the church take an active part in worship leadership in several ways. Laity serve as lectors (reading scripture during worship), as ushers, greeters, and acolytes at all worship services. It takes many people to provide a worship service.

Acolytes in Worship

We believe that children like to be involved in the activities of their lives.  Worship is certainly no exception.

When children reach third grade, we open to them the opportunity to serve as an acolyte.  An acolyte is one who assists the pastor in leading worship.  This can consist of lighting and extinguishing candles in the sanctuary, carrying the Bible into and out of the service, carrying the elements for holy communion to the communion table, and assisting the pastor in other worship actions.

They are invited to participate with their parents consent.  As the pastor trains them, they learn about the sanctuary, all its furnishings, and how worship is conducted.  They are important to the overall impact and beauty of the worship service.

This is a terrific learning experience.  They are much appreciated.

Children's Worship

A time of children's worship takes place during the 10:30 worship service.  The lessons studied in Children's Worship are tied to the Bible texts read in worship.  At a special time in the worship service the leader calls the children forward for the children's sermon.

A brief and age appropriate lesson is shared with the children with focuses on the major teachings of the day.  It is a time all worshipers enjoy.

All the children are welcome to take part in this time, though certainly there will be some who are uncomfortable doing so at first.  There is certainly no requirement implied and the children are encouraged to be comfortable from wherever they choose to listen.

Following the children's sermon the children are escorted to a separate room to continue in their own worship service.

Our Music Ministry is essential to the quality of our Worship Service.  Check here to find out more about the music ministry.