Guest Information

10:30 am Worship
Always a seat for you

When you enter the First United Methodist Church of Urbana, you will surely notice people of all ages, laughing, learning and living out their faith together.  Regardless of your age, dress, or nationality, you will find people like you.  Some people have been a part of our congregation for their entire life, while others are new like you.

As you look around you will see beautiful stained glass windows and sense the warmth of people who truly appreciate and welcome you.  

This is a place of discovery, where people can figure out who they are and how they can use the skills, talents and abilities that God has given us in ways that address the needs of people all around us.

While we have a nursery where the youngest members of our church family can play and learn, they also are a part of everything that we do.  We don’t mind when they fidget, since we all remember when we were children.  We’re glad that they are here with you.  Baby-changing space is available in both the men’s and women’s restrooms located on the sanctuary level; and the nursery is located near the sanctuary in the office area of our building.

The basement and all three floors of our building can be reached by ramps and elevator.  Access to the ramp and elevator is available through our main entrance, located on the East side of our building.  The Children’s Center Day (217) 367 – 0842 — uses most of the first and second floor of our educational wing.  The Campus Middle School For Girls (217) 344 – 8279 — is contained on most of the third floor.  Our Sanctuary, Chapel, offices and classrooms are located on the second floor and can be reached by the elevator and stairs.  There is also a balcony above our sanctuary which is reached by stairs.  Our fellowship hall, kitchen and additional classrooms are in the basement and accessible by ramp and stairs.

Communion and Baptism

First Sunday of the Month
First Sunday of the Month

Communion: We celebrate Holy Communion on the first Sunday of every month.  The table of Holy Communion is Christ’s table, not the table of The United Methodist Church or of the local congregation.  The table is open to anyone who seeks to respond to Christ’s love and to lead a new life of peace and love.  All who intend to lead a Christian life, together with their children, are invited to receive the bread and cup.  In the Holy Communion, we come together by the power of the Holy Spirit so that we may receive and embody Jesus Christ as God’s saving gift for the whole world.  

Unfermented grape juice is used because we would not want alcohol to keep anyone from experiencing Communion.  Typically, ushers will direct persons to the front where we receive symbols of Christ’s body.  Persons can kneel at the front and pray if they wish or return to their seats.  You do not have to be a member of the church or of any church to partake.  

Baptism: Baptism is a work of God and the Holy Spirit.  It is marking a person as God’s and initiating them into the family of Christ.  For this reason, all ages are welcome to be baptized.  If you are an adult seeking baptism or if you are wanting to have your infant baptized, please contact the pastor.  He will meet with you.  If you were baptized once, and are wanting to be baptized again, we want to remind you that the work of baptism is God’s work.  Once is enough.  It counts regardless of how and when you were first baptized; and what you have done since your baptism.  We accept your baptism whether you were sprinkled, immersed or water was poured over you.

Confirmation and Membership: The process of confirmation and membership is really a three-step process.  Baptism is the acknowledgment of professing the Christian faith; and then confirmation is a declaration that a Christian’s expression of faith is best lived out in church.  The final step is then to be received into membership of a local congregation.

Persons who have never been baptized would go through all three steps.  Persons who transfer their membership from another Christian denomination normally go through steps two and three; and persons transferring from another United Methodist Church would merely be received into the First United Methodist Church of Urbana.  While you have membership options, you can fully participate in every aspect of our church family’s life without taking any of these three steps.  Regardless of your age, you are encouraged to live out your faith in your way and at your pace.